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Brilliant ARIA DENT

Written by  Asia Chemi Teb
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New Formula



Bisphenol A diglycidylmethacryate     Bis GMA

Bisphenol A diethoxymethacrylate     Bis EMA

Triethyleneglycol dimethacryate        TEGDMA

Barium galss, silanized

Amorphous silica, hydrophobed



In general: colten Brilliant Dentin reconstruction of natural dentin

In general: coltene Brilliant Enamel reconstruction of natural enamel

In general: coltene Brilliant incisal reconstruction of extremely translucent part (e.g. marginal ridges)

Direct filling of class I, II, III, IV ans V cavities

Coltene Brilliant Enamel: achieving higher translucency if esthetics require it

Enhancing esthetics using coltene brilliant Dentin in the layering technique for inlays on lays

Core build-ups (coltene Brilliant Dentin)

Esthetic correction with laminate veneers (coltene Brilliant Enamel, coltene Brilliant incisal)

Reconstruction of fractured anteriors

Shape and color corrections to improve esthetics

Stabilization of mobile anteriors

preventive resin restorations

Repair of facings

Fixation of splints

Bonded bridges


Working time: 

Coltene Brilliant dentin , Enamel, incisal is photo sensitive, and should not be exposed to light in particular to the operating light, for more than 1 min. If possible, protect coltene Brilliant den tin which has been measured out onto the mixing pad by

Means of some light opaque covering (no blue color)



Dentin/ Enamel/ incise must be stored at 4- 23, avoiding exposure to direct sunlight

or other heat sources.



Each Brilliant contains 3 g & instruction for use.


Under the license:

coltene_ Switzerland

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