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Coltosol ARIA DENT

Written by  Asia Chemi Teb
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Temporary filling material 

No Eugenol    

Zinc oxide 
Zinc sulphate-1- hydrate
Calcium sulphate – hemihydrate
Diatomaceous earth
Dibutyl phethalate
Polyvinyl – acetate- chloride copolymer
Peppermint aroma


Temporary filling of classI &II cavities

Temporary sealing in endodontics



Moisten the cavity with a water spray. Take up prepared coltosol; form the pad using a spatula or an instrument (e.g. coltene composite instruments, modeling spatulas) and apply into the cavity. Condense coltoso into the cavity using a condenser (e.g. coltene, Composite Instrument) and adapt to the cavity walls by gently condensing. Remove occlusal contact points with a scaler.
It is advisable not to fill very deed cavities up to the base of the cavity, so that coltosol can be removed more easily from the cavity.The surface of ARIA DENT coltosol hardens within 20-30 min by absorbing water (e.g. Saliva action). After 2-3 h the temporary filling can be subjected to mastication pressure.


ARIA DENT coltosol(in glass jars) must be stored tightly sealed at temperatures not over 23 0 C. and 50 % relative humidity .Avoid exposure to direct sunlight or other heat sources.

Glass jar coltosol, 37 g & instruction for use.

Under the licence:
Coltene- switzerland


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