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The unique amalgam

Written by  Asia Chemi Teb
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ORALLOY  Magicap is a ternary non-gamma-2 amalgam
Each particle contains the elements silver
(59%), tin (28%) and copper (13%) in homogeneous
distribution. This eliminates the danger
of gamma-2 formation; which provides durable
amalgam restorations that maintain their shape
and are corrosion resistant

Ordering Information

Oralloy Magicap S

 1-Spill = 740 mg Amalgam

 Single-Pack 50 pcs

2-Spill = 1500 mg Amalgam

Single-Pack 50 pcs 

3-Spill = 1500 mg Amalgam 

Single-Pack 50 pcs 

  Size/color                 alloy content            mercury content
Spill (green)                 400 mg                      340 mg
  Spill (blue)                    600 mg                     510 mg
  Spill (red)                      800 mg                     700 mg
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