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Material type: 
Polyvinysiloxane addition-

type silicone elasto- mer.

Light body- low viscosity
Base: green /catalyst: white
Regular body – medium viscosity
Base: blue / Catalyst: white

Heavy body – high viscosity 
Base: rust-red / Catalyst: white


Light body 
• Wash material for the putty – wash impression technigue
• Syringe material for the simultaneous mixing technique 
• Impression material for relining 

Regular body 
• Impression material for the single- phase impression technique
• Wash material for the putty- wash impression technique
• Syringe material for simultaneous mixing technique
• Impression  material for relining

Heavy body
• Tray material for the simultaneous mixing technique
• Tray material for the copper band impression technique.

Clinical time President:  
3 minute in mouth

Impressions should be stored at normal room temperature, avoid exposure to heat and sun.

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